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Enamelled plaques, a product of engagement and passion, manufactured with a classic enamelling method, with application of modern and ecological materials, are extraordinarily durable and elegant. They may be applied for both decorative, advertising and purely informative purposes. Their assets are appreciated especially in the countries of Western Europe, where this outstanding art of preparing the base, enamelling, manual preparation of patterns and burning in the temperature of more than 800oC, experiences its renaissance. Thanks to a high level of resistance towards weather conditions, the enamelled plaques and panels may serve in an unchanged form for numerous years, and we are the ones, who ascertain their quality with a ten-year guarantee period.


DIBOND® is the world's first aluminum composite plate that optimally corresponds to requirements of the advertising market. A standard plate is composed of two aluminum linings, 0.3 mm thick, and a polyethylene core. In our works, we apply a plate with a joint thickness of 3 mm. Two-side linings are powder coated (matt or high gloss finishing) or lacquered structurally, rolled or anodized. In majority of our works, we apply a direct print, hardened with UV light. They may also be engraved. Thanks to its high level of resistance towards weather conditions, Dibond is great inside buildings.

Powder coating

Powder coating of metal plaques provides them with exquisite anti corrosion protection. Regarding the plaque's function and its target location, it may be equipped with welded attachments or regular installation wholes. Their shape is adjusted to the customer's needs or technical specification, determining e.g. principles of marking the property in particular cities (e.g. in Warsaw, on the basis of guidelines of Municipal Roads Management plaques). The powder coated plaques may be additionally enriched with reflective elements, making them more visible and facilitating to read their contents. 


Our products are manufactured from the following materials: expanded PCV 3mm, expanded PCV 5mm, plexi BB 2mm, plexi BB 5mm,  plexi 10mm, Forex Smart 10mm.
PCV foam is characterized by an ordered internal structure made of closed cells, with smooth and hard surface. Thanks to its specific qualities and very advantageous relationship between price and quality, these plaques have a wide array of applications.
FOREX Smart possesses a very light, homogeneous core made from expanded polystyrene and surface from hard polystyrene. Plaques from this material make a highly elegant form of information or decoration.


Transparent, frosted or black plastic, which imitates glass very well, at the same time remaining relatively light. It is especially attractive with a bottom side printed, providing an additional spatial effect (mainly in decorative plaques).
In majority of our works, we apply a direct print, hardened with UV light. They may also be engraved.


Engraving of inscriptions or graphics may take place on virtually any surface: PCV, Dibond, glass, metal or even wood. While ascribing this possibility to the plaques offered in our store, we will be mainly referring to metal plaques, made from anodized aluminum, brass or steel.