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Terms and conditions of the SIGN MARKET Internet store

I. Definitions

The notions applied in the Terms and Conditions bear the following meaning:

1.1. Customer - a natural, legal person or an organization unit, which is not a legal person, but which is ascribed with legal capability by specific regulations, that places an Order in the Internet Store;

1.2. Consumer- a natural person that performs a legal act, which is not directly connected with their economic or professional activity;

1.3. Terms and Conditions - these Terms and Conditions of provision of services within the Internet Store SIGN MARKET

1.4. Internet Store - Internet service available at , where the Customer may place Orders;

1.5. SIGN MARKET – Tomasz Sosnowski running a business enterprise under the company at-S Tomasz Sosnowski, with registered office in Warsaw, ul. Bogusławskiego 19, being an owner and an administration of the domain

1.6. Parties- Customer and SIGN MARKET;

1.7. Goods- products presented in the Internet Store;

1.8. Personalized product – a product designed and produced in accordance to the Customer's guidelines, including unique features (e.g. address).

1.9. Sales agreement - sales agreement as construed by the Civil Code, concluded between at-S Tomasz Sosnowski and the Customer, through SIGN MARKET Internet store.

1.10. Act on specific terms and conditions of consumer sale - the Act of 27th July 2002 on specific terms and conditions of consumer sale and amendments to the Civil Code (Official Journal No 141, item 1176, as amended);

1.11. Act on rendering electronic services - the Act of 18th July 2002, on rendering electronic services (Official Journal No 144, item 1204, as amended);

1.12. Order - statement of the Customer's will, posing an offer of concluding a Sales Agreement, determining at least a kind and the amount of personalized Goods and/or Products.

II. General provisions

2.1. These Terms and Conditions specify the principles of using the Internet Store available at

2.2. The Internet store, operating at, is run by Tomasz Sosnowski, conducting business activities under the company at-S Tomasz Sosnowski, with a registered office in Warsaw, at ul. Bogusławskiego 19, suite 5, e-mail address: x@y telephone number: +48 691998825, +48691998826

2.3. These Terms and Conditions specifically determine what follows:

a) principles and regulations of placing electronic Orders in the Internet Store; b) principles and regulations of concluding Sales agreements in the Internet store,

c) principles and conditions of rendering electronic service within the scope of the Internet Store,

d) principles of complaint procedure.

2.4. Usage of the Internet Store is possible if the IT system applied by the Customer, meets the following minimal technical requirements:
a) Internet Explorer web browser, at least 6.0 version with enabled javascript or

b) Mozilla Firefox web browser, at least 2.0 version with enabled javascript,

c) minimal screen resolution is 1024x768 pixels.

2.5. All Goods offered in the Internet Store are brand new, unless it is properly emphasized in the description.

2.6 Information about the price, provided at is binding for bot Parties, from placement of the Customer's Order, specifying all significant elements of the Order, until execution of the Sales agreement. The above mentioned price is binding for both Parties, independently of any changes in the Store, which may appear in relation to separate Goods.

III. Principles of using the Internet Store

3.1 A condition of placing an order in the Internet Store is:

a) registration or

b) proper fulfillment of the form of "Evaluation of individual design" by the Customer, and further acceptance of the conditions of order's realization, i.e. price, payment and delivery.

3.2 Registration takes place through fulfilling and accepting the registration form, made available on the Internet Store website. Through the registration in the Internet Store, the Customer creates an account that enables multiple logging in the Internet Store and placing the Orders, without a necessity of providing personal details every time. Through the registration in the Internet Store, the Customer and SIGN MARKET conclude an agreement on rendering electronic services for an indefinite period, with a Customer's possibility to terminate it in any given moment. Customer's notice of termination of the Agreement on rendering electronic services, may be submitted in any given form, especially through sending a written notice to the SIGN MARKET address or via e-mail to the address: x@y. The Agreement becomes terminated within 1 working day from receipt of the Customer's notice by SIGN MARKET. SIGN MARKET may terminate the Agreement on rendering electronic services only if the Customer violates point 3.7 of these Terms and Conditions, with a 7-day notice, via electronic mail to the address: x@y. In case of Customer's or SIGN MARKET's termination of the Agreement, this act shall not ascribe the Customer with an obligation to cover any costs that arose from this, and it shall not violate any of the rights acquired by the Customer.

3.3 A condition of registration is to agree with Terms and Conditions, having become acquainted with their provisions, having marked the field of acceptance of Terms and Conditions and provided personal details pointed as obligatory.

3.4 The Orders may be placed in the manner specified in point 3.1. of the Terms and Conditions, 365 days a year, 24 hours per day.

3.5 The Orders may be also placed by electronic mail, sending them to the address: x@t. In case of placing the Order in the manner described in the previous sentence, the Customer shall be provided by the Internet Store with a confirmation of the placed Order, in the manner specified in point 4.9 of these Terms and Conditions. Further conduct related to conclusion of the Agreement, takes place in the manner specified in point 4.9. of the Terms and Conditions and the subsequent points.

3.6 If the Customer provides an incorrect e-mail address, making it impossible for SIGN MARKET to contact the Customer, SIGN MARKET shall contact the Customer via telephone, in order to complement the lacking e-mail address.

3.7 The Customer is especially obliged:

a) not to provide or transfer through Internet Store communication means, any contents forbidden by legal provisions, e.g. contents propagating violence, defaming or infringing personal rights or rights of third parties,

b) to use the Internet Store in the manner not interfering its operation, especially through application of specific software or devices,

c) use any contents placed in the Internet Store, only for the purpose of their personal use,

d) to use the Internet Store in compliance with legal regulations mandatory within the territory of Poland and provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

IV. Procedure of conclusion of the Sales Agreement.

4.1 To place the Order via the Internet Store, there is a need to access the Internet website, choose particular Goods, together with specifications of their amount and remaining parameters of the product, taking another technical actions based on the communications displayed to the Customer and information available on the Internet Store's website.

4.2 Selection of the Goods ordered by the Customers is made through adding them to the basket.

4.3 While placing the Order - to the moment of pressing the "Order" button - the Customer is able to modify the data and the selected Product. For this purpose, there is a need to follow the communicates displayed to the Customer, and information available on the website.

4.4 To place the Order, it is necessary to fill the form in with all necessary information, allowing correct identification of the Customer.

4.5 When the Customer is done with providing all required data, a summary of the placed Order is displayed. Summary of the placed Order will include information that relate to:

a) the Order's number,

b) the ordered Goods,

c) unit and joint price of the ordered products or services, including costs of delivery,

d) chosen payment method,

e) chosen delivery methods,

f) delivery address and contact data of the Customer,

g) data of the bank account - in case of transfer payment.

4.6. In case of a mistake related to the data filled in (e.g amount of the the ordered Goods, erroneous calculation of the Order by the system), the Customer is entitled to modify the Order within 36 hours from receiving the confirmation of accepting the Order. For that purpose, the Customer should send an e-mail to the address: x@y with a proper disposition of change. After correcting the Order, SIGN MARKET sends an e-mail to the address provided in the order, with a confirmation of acceptance of the corrected Order.

4.7 To send the Order, it is necessary to accept content of Terms and Conditions and provide personal details marked as obligatory.

4.8 The Order sent by the Customer constitutes a statement of will, posinf an offer for concluding a Sales agreement on selected Goods with SIGN STAR.

4.9 Immediately after placing the Order, the Customer receives an e-mail with a final confirmation of all significant elements of the Order, including the date of its realization. The Agreement is believed to be concluded, when the Customer receives an e-mail, mentioned in this point of the Terms and Conditions.

V. Delivery

5.1 Delivery of the Goods is limited to the sphere of European Union and the USA, and it take place to the address pointed by the Customer upon Order placement.

5.2 Delivery of the ordered Goods takes place through one's own transport, by courier delivery or Polish Post. Delivery costs will be pointed before the Order placement, during the Ordering process. They will be also pointed in the tab "Delivery", on the Internet Store website.

5.3 The Customer is entitled to personal receipt of the Goods, after agreeing on it with SIGN MARKET beforehand. In case of personal receipt of the Goods, the Customer shall not be burdened by any costs arising from that title.

5.4. In case of a joint Order amount exceeding 500 euro gross, delivery of the Goods to the Customer takes place at SIGN MARKET's cost.

5.5 Realization date of the Order, together with delivery, is from 2 to 16 working days.

5.6 If the Customer chooses a payment method by bank transfer to the bank account of the Internet Store, or with a transfer via electronic banking system, dates of the Order realization start from the moment of crediting the made purchase to the bank account of the Internet Store. In case of choosing other payment methods, the date of Order realization starts, when the Customer receives an e-mail, mentioned in point 4.9. of these Terms and Conditions.

5.7 If realization of the Order within the period specified in these Terms and Conditions renders to be impossible regarding unavailability of the Goods, SIGN MARKET will immediately inform the Customer, by a telephone or through e-mail, about these circumstances, and offer another date of Order realization. The Customer is entitled not to accept the new Order realization date. In such a case, potential payments made by the Customer to the benefit of SIGN MARKET shall be reimbursed to the Customer in full, within 7 days from informing the Customer about inability to realize the Order.

5.8 Consolidating, protecting, confirming and providing the Customer with significant provisions of the Sales agreement of the Goods takes place through sending to the Customer's e-mail address a confirmation of specification of the Order, and through adding a receipt/ VAT invoice, Order's specification and these Terms and Conditions in a written form, to the parcel including the Goods.

VI. Prices and payment methods

6.1 Prices of the Goods are provided in Polish zlotys or euro, and they cover all charges, including VAT (with determination of its height), as well as any other components. Delivery costs of the ordered Goods are calculated according to charges available on the website www.rynekszyldó In the "Delivery and Payment" tab. If the ordered Goods are provided with a discount on the delivery costs ("Free delivery"), they are not added to the total amount.

6.2 The Customer has a possibility to pay through:

a) a transfer to the following number of SIGN MARKET's bank account:

PL 78 1950 0001 2006 0446 6204 0002

b) through payment via electronic banking - settling the transaction via a credit card and e-transfer are performed through the processing center Przelewy24 or PayPal.

VII. Entitlements to withdraw from the agreement.

7.1 A Customer, who is Consumer, and who concluded the Distance Sales Agreement, may withdraw from it without providing any reasons, by submitting a proper statement in writing, within 10 days. To observe this period, it is enough to send the statement before its expiration. The statement may be sent to the SIGN MARKET's address, provided in the Terms and Conditions. This entitlement does not refer to personalized Products.

7.2 The 10-day period starts in the date of delivering the Goods.

7.3 In case of withdrawing from the distance Agreement, the Agreement is perceived as not concluded. Whatever the parties have furnished, shall be returned unchanged, unless the change was necessary within the scope of regular management. SIGN MARKET shall reimburse the Goods price paid by the Customer and costs of delivery from SIGN MARKET to the Customer, to the bank account number pointed by the Customer, within 14 days from submitting the statement on withdrawing from the Agreement, and the Customer is obliged to return the purchased Goods within the same period, to the following address: SIGN MARKET, ul. Bogusławskiego 19 suite 5, 01-923 Warsaw, unless the Parties unanimously agree on another manner of returning the Goods. After SIGN MARKET receives the Goods, SIGN MARKET shall confirm this fact in writing to the Customer within 7 days.

VIII. Complaints regarding the Goods

8.1 SIGN MARKET, as a seller, is responsible towards the Customer, who is a Consumer, for nonconformity of the Goods purchased by the Customer with the Sales agreement, within the scope specified by the Act on specific conditions of Consumer sales.

8.2 The complaints shall be sent at SIGN MARKET is obliged to consider every complaint promptly, not later than within 7 days from obtaining it by the Internet Store.

8.3 In case of a Customer being a Consumer, in case of inconsistency with the Sales agreement, the Customer is entitled to demand to have the Goods brought into conformity with the Sales agreement through free repair on exchange into new products, unless the repair or exchange are impossible or they require excessive costs. During evaluation of excessiveness of the costs, there is value of the Goods compliant with the Agreement assessed, as well as the kind and degree of the stated inconsistency. What is more there is consideration of drawback, which the Customer would be endangered with by another manner of fulfillment. If the Customer, out of reasons determined in previous sentences, cannot demand repair or exchange, or if SIGN MARKET fails to observe such a demand in proper time, or when repair or exchange would expose the Customer to significant inconveniences, they are entitled to require adequate decrease of price or withdraw from the agreement; the agreement cannot be withdrawn from, when inconsistency of the consumption Goods with the agreement is irrelevant. While determining a proper repair or exchange time, there is a kind of the Goods and purpose of their purchase specified.

8.4 In case of Goods covered by guarantee, SIGN MARKET informs that guarantee to the sold Goods does not exclude, limit or suspend eligibilities of the Customer, arising from inconsistency of the Goods with the Agreement.

IX. Complaints within the scope of rendering electronic services

9.1 SIGN MARKET takes actions in order to provide fully correct operation of the Internet Store, in the scope that arises from current technical knowledge, and obliges to remove any abnormalities reported by the Customers.

9.2 Abnormalities connected with operation of the Internet Store can be reported by the Customer in writing, to the address:

a) SIGN MARKET, ul. Bogusławskiego 19 suite 5, 01-923 Warsaw or,

b) e-mail to the address: , or

c) through a contact form, available on the website:

9.3 It is recommended to provide Customer's first and second name, correspondence address, as well the kind and approximate date of the inconsistency connected with functioning of the Internet Store in the complaint.

9.4 SIGN MARKET is obliged to consider every complaint within 10 days.

X. Privacy Policy

10.1 While filling in the order form, the Purchaser represents that the provided data are compliant with the factual condition.

10.2 Order placement is equivalent to the consent to storage and processing of personal details of the Customer by the company, included in the order, according to the Act of 29th August 1997, on Personal Data Protection (Official Journal 1997, no 133, item 883, as amended).

10.3 Personal details comprised in the database of the Seller are not handed to subjects that do not participate in realization of the order. Order placement is equivalent to the consent to the Company's provision of access to the Customer's personal details comprised in the Order, to other subject that participate in realization of the Order: DPD Poland 02-274 Warsaw, ul. Mineralna 15, and Poczta Polska S.A.

10.4 According to the Act of 29th August 1997, on Personal Data Protection (Official Journal no 133, item 883, as amended), the Company obliges to protect personal details of the Customer. According to the above mentioned Act, the Customer has a right to review their data, amend them or demand to have them removed from our database.

XI. Final provisions

11.1 Any potential disputes arising between SIGN MARKET and the Customer, who is a Consumer, shall be settled by a common Court of local and material jurisdiction on the basis of common provision of law.

11.2 Any potential disputes arising between SIGN MARKET and a Customer, who is not a Consumer, shall be settled by a Court having jurisdiction over SIGN/ MARKET's seat.

11.3 In all matters not settled herein, provisions of the Civil Code, Act on rendering electronic services, and other regulations of Polish law shall apply.

11.4 SIGN MARKET reserves a right to amend these Terms and Conditions. These alterations cannot violate the rights acquired by Customers of the Internet Store before enforcement of the Terms and Conditions' modifications, as well as they cannot influence the content and conditions of realization of Orders and Agreements concluded before enforcement of modification of the Terms and Conditions. In case of modifications to the Terms and Conditions, the Customer registered in the Internet Store shall be informed about them 14 days in advance, through information about the planned alteration published on the Internet website of the Internet Store, and through an e-mail sent to the Customer's address, including content of the new Terms and Conditions. If the Customer is informed about the planned modifications to the Terms and Conditions properly, and they do not submit any representation on withdrawing from the Agreement on rendering electronic services within 30 days from getting acquainted with the e-mail mentioned in previous sentence, the Customer becomes bound with provisions of new Terms and Conditions, without prejudice to any rights acquired before modification of the Terms and Conditions.

11.5 These Terms and Conditions are available on the Internet website of the Internet Store, at